Forensic Science Training and Consultancy Services

With over a decade of experience and knowledge in forensic science discipline, our experts in the field assist our customers with their training, consultancy and development needs.

Private Investigation

We conduct fraud investigations for banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions as needed and report its findings in a professional manner to the concerned organizations.

Details of our services
Our private investigation services provide a thorough and professional way of investigating cases, providing private and corporate clients with the evidence needed and well-written reports of investigation procedures. We also provide expert witness service to give evidence in the court of our findings if needed.

We provide organization-centered private investigation services which include:

1)Bankruptcy claims for Banks and financial institutions
2)Financial fraud Investigation
3)Theft, fraud and anti-corruption investigation for private and corporate clients
4)Investigation of money and identity fraud
5)Corporate security investigation
6)Pre and post-employment investigation for corporate clients
7)Process serving of legal documents for lawyers and solicitors
8)Insurance claim investigation
9)Procurement claim investigation


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